Remote Camera

  • Remote Camera, have phone and tablet or second phone and want to reach where eyes can’t reach, or want to look on your sleeping baby from other room, take picture without revealing this, this app is just for you. Communication takes place directly between two devices equipped with this software, communication doesn’t result in any charges, but distance is limited.

How to use it ?

  1. instal app on both devices
  2. on first device turn on Server
  3. on second device, find device with name or address that matches to first device name or address and tap on it to establish connection
  4. if connected, you can make pictures or just see what first device is seeing but on second device

Remember about !

  • Devices must be within the communication range or in the same network for WIFI connection
  • Bluetooth adapter must be enabled and devices must be paired for Bluetooth connection
  • WIFI connection must be established for WIFI connection
  • Pictures are saved on server side
  • Preview smoothness depends on device and connection performance
  • Electromagnetic interference, obstacles and distance can cause communication problems even connection break
  • If preview is stopped try to reconnect, if connection will be unsuccessful then restart server

Windows and Linux, Systems equipped with Java software can control camera on mobile device via WIFI using Remote Camera

  • left button – take picture
  • right button – take focus
  • middle button – turn on/off flash ligth
  • scroll wheel – zoom in/out
  • scroll wheel + shift – change window size
  • scroll wheel + ctrl – change exposure compensation
  • up/down arrow – change window size
  • left button + shift – save locally received frame
  • enter – start/stop video recording

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Motion Detector

  • Change your device to a motion detector, or remote surveillance camera or even spy cam with motion detection functionality, you can also detect motion for other apps such as Tasker or Automagic

Program uses device’s built-in camera so effects can be unsatisfying, reaction time depends on device performance and frame size, maximum and minimum size of recorded frames depends on the device.

● save images captured when motion is detected
● upload captured images to FTP server
● post images on HTTP server (for advanced users)
● send an EMAIL with captured image
● sound when motion is detected
● select which camera to use, front or rear
● adjustable detector sensitivity and resolution
● change image resolution recorded by detector
● set active zone, motion will be detected only within the zone
● adjust exposure compensation and exposure lock, not all devices support these features
● can work when screen is switched off, at least it should
● event counter, log
● profiles for settings
● change image destination folder
● send notifications to other applications such as for example Tasker, when it detects movement
● control detector by other applications such as for example Tasker or Automagic
● ability to control detector by Broadcast Intent
● set how many events, will trigger reactions
● print event time and date on every frame
● widget to quickly enable or disable the detector
● time lapse function
● temporary storage feature

● To use widget you need to move program to internal memory
● Default position is when the device lies on the longer side

Permission Read Phone State is used to detect incoming call, and silence alarm when it`s switched on


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