Sound Detector

  • Turn your phone into a remote audio surveillance device or baby alarm or just a sound recorder, you can also detect sound for other apps such as Tasker or Automagic

Program uses built-in microphone so effects can be unsatisfying, reaction time depends on device performance and sample rate frequency, maximum sampling rate, will not work on all devices

recording only when sound is detected in mp3 format
● send SMS when sound is detected
● send EMAIL when sound is detected, attachment available only if continuous recording is disabled
● continuous recording, create one big recording for all events
● event recording, create new recording for each event, but close events still can be merged in one recording
● sensitivity adjustment with sensitivity calibration helper
● adjustable length of recording, after sound is detected
● can work when screen is switched off
● event log, counter
● records duration limit
● records output file size limit
● select folder for records
● ability to send notifications to other applications such as for example Tasker, when it detects sound
● ability to control detector by other applications such as for example Tasker or Automagic
● widget to quickly enable or disable detector
● adjustable delay from turning to record or between events
● temporary storage feature

To use widget you need to move program to phone memory

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