Board, arduino compatible with web server and ARK terminals

  • Arduino compatible board that can be attached and controlled via ethernet network, with built in buck converter, equipped in all digital and analog inputs/outputs.

Board is fully assembled and programed to be controllable via network, has build in HTTP server that can receive requests to set or read digital or analog pin state also with PWM.

Board can be programed with custom program but this require external programer for example Arduino UNO, board is fully compatible with this board.

The advantage over UNO is built in impuls converter that can deliver up to 2A of power, screw terminals to connect with external signal source and THT durable construction ready for implementation.

In this way you can control digital PIN and analog PIN or communicate with I2C devices or sends or receives transmission through UART, amount data that can be send or recieved is limited because limitation of Atmega328 MCU, but can be used to basic operation with external devices

Technical specs:

  • input power supply: DC7-40V
  • power usage: ~100mA (board alone)
  • LAN standard: 10Mb/s FD
  • dimensions: 113x58x24mm
  • frame for mounting: DIN TS35 rail
  • MCU: Atmega 328PU
  • protection: each board is protected by PVE lacquer
  • power suply for 5V rail: inpuls converter max 2A
  • power suply for 3v3 rail: linear converter max 500mA

Input/Output capability:

  • 6x – analog input
  • 3x – PWM output
  • 9x – digital input\output
  • 1x – I2C interface
  • 1x – UART interface
  • 1x – 5V power suply
  • 1x – 3V power suply

*all inputs/outputs are controllable via Web API

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