Raspberry PI as a equivalent of PLC

If you did not require responsiveness that offers PLC driver you can use much cheaper solution as Raspberry pi with HATs

I will present you simple adaptation of this theory, Raspberry pi as a industrall water pomps driver

What I used:

  • Raspberry PI 2+ (generates less heat and is more relayable on harsh conditions)
  • Power HAT of my own project (suplys 5V 3A to run Raspberry pi, from any voltage witin range of 9-24V)
  • MOSFET HAT witch will turn on and off 12V to switch on and off industrial relays, witch then will turn on and off softstart devices to run the pomp
  • Bufferd power suply
  • Custom 3D printed case
  • GSM module to comunicate with HTTP server to recieve commands and store telemetrics data

And the software which is most important, all function are implemented by JAVA app, that runs on modified Raspberin OS

The modification concentrate on less use of the SD card, less write cycles, I acomplish this by creating ram drive that holds system logs, and removing all not needed services and software that can afect responsivness and consumes precious write cycles

Raspberry pi is equipped in heat spreader and protected by PVE lacquer

Raspberry PI is quite robust little device and can withstand very hard environment, but my current projects are based on Raspberry PI Zero witch is cheaper smaller and generates less heat and need less power, missing ETH connectivity can by fixed by simple HAT based on ENC28J60-I/SP

And at the end some pictures