Network automation controller

Network automation controller with one 250V 5A relay output and two digital inputs detecting the change of short-circuit to power supply, optionly can be supplied with headers for 3 digital input\output and UART, I2C, 5V, 3V3.

In “two” simple words small device that give you ability to control or recieve signal from real world, over the network by your app using simple URL addresses,or with different firmware can be used to endless kinds of applications

In this particular situation is used as watchdog to network devices, this little device can switch off power in case of permanent hangs of monitored devices

Technical specs:

  • power supply: DC12V 60mA
  • relay output: NO 250VAC 5A / 30VDC 5A
  • analog inputs: 2x monitoring state of the switch, contactor, relay, 12V 1.5A
  • LAN standard: 10Mb/s FD
  • dimensions: 79x77x19mm
  • frame for mounting: DIN TS35 rail
  • MCU: Atmega 328PU
  • protection: each board is protected by PVE lacquer
  • can be mounted in blocks on TS35 rail or on a custom mounting plate

And some image to illustrate example application

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