Home automation installation

The all idea started from building a new home, I realized that this is aportuninty to fit automation system right to my nieeds, not to fit my needs to what is available on the market and amound of money I can spend on this instalation, comercial solutuions can be really expensive

Basic assumption

First of all brain of this installation should be an Raspberry PI, as all we known this little computer does not have sufficient count of free input/output pin to control all elements of the system so I designet network attached interface between Raspberry and the world

This is a prototype, used version has impulse converter to power the board, why this change, it’s simple 16 of this devices in small space will generate lots of heat to much heat

The wiring

What about a difficult part, cables…. here they are, the larger box on the right is compartment for automation system


Each of cables from the automation box goes to each room, and ends in places where will be light switches located and alarm sensors


Second part is electrician box, because each manageable light source has to have seperate cable from electrical box to light mounting point

The secret

How it’s works ?

  • Each light source (point in the room where will be light connected to electrical grid) is connected via controller on board relay to fuses (fuses are located in separate elecrication box)
  • Each light switch is connected to controller input
  • Each alarm sensor is connected to input on the same controller

For each room is at least one controller and two extra for outdoor lights, and two in separate box to control garage door open and door bell and so on…

The software

Now te most interesting part, everything can be controlled and routed independently by software, by default the switch on the wall tuns on and off coresponding light, but just changing definition in software and the same switch can turn on and off diferent light, or more than single light, even in diferent room, I can program time cycles to switch light if became dark or to symulate presence in house, light can be turn on if sensor in room detects movement and so on ther are endles possibilities

By the way software, the app that makes all the magic is written in Java, and with some C implementation


There is also security function in this, all around the home there are motion sensors mounted on the ceiling, if alarm is turned on andif sensor will detect movement then will be send email notification as well as SMS to me

All this in a fraction of the cost I would spend on commercial system, software is still in development tage I workin on adding double click to light switches and more sophisticated reactions

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